Participating in sports, cheerleading and other extracurricular activities can be expensive. Team fundraising can help reduce the cost of participation for students and provide much needed funds for activities, equipment, trips and more. The right team fundraising ideas can be fun and educational for students as well as financially lucrative. Here are 10 of the best team fundraising ideas. In the comments, let us know your favorites.

  1. Car washes. Car wash fundraisers can provide your group with a chance to build team spirit in a fun, outdoor environment. Safety is the key for this activity, so adult supervision is definitely recommended for younger team members.
  2. Team nights at restaurants. By partnering with local restaurants and other businesses, your team can earn a percentage of sales. Over the course of an evening, you can earn significant funds for your team and your activities just by driving business to a particular restaurant.
  3. Camp out. Especially for groups working to earn funds to attend a camp, a camp out at the local mall or shopping center can attract public interest and help boost donations for your trip.
  4. Walking dogs. Your team can advertise its services as expert dog walkers before and after school in order to raise money for your activities.
  5. Babysitting. With the supervision of your team’s coaches or sponsors, you can offer an evening of babysitting for parents in order to allow them to shop, have dinner or just enjoy a movie. This can often produce significant amounts of money for your team, making it one of the most effective team fundraising ideas.
  6. Rent-a-teen. By offering your services to individuals and businesses around the community for lawn work, inventory or other tasks, your team can often raise significant funds for activities and events.
  7. Discount cards. Local businesses may be willing to participate in discount card programs in order to help your team raise money. Typically, these cards offer coupons for discounts on food and drinks, merchandise or services in the local community. Your team raises money by selling these coupon books/discount cards.
  8. Popcorn sales. Selling tins of popcorn is a fun and healthy way to raise funds for your team. In some cases, the tins can even be decorated with your team’s logo or mascot to produce greater public awareness about your group.
  9. Candy sales. A staple of school fundraising, selling candy bars door-to-door or in front of local businesses (with the owner’s permission, of course) can be a valuable source of funds for your team’s activities.
  10. Coffee can campaigns. By decorating and placing coffee cans that serve as donation jars in local stores, your team can passively earn money year-round.
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  1. Gina says:

    I like the idea of the coffee can donation jars at and in the local grocery stores. I also like the car wash campaigns.

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