Raffles are an excellent way for your organization or cause to raise money. For a small amount of money, people get a chance to win a much more valuable prize. Following are 10 raffle ideas you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Table raffle. In a table raffle, donated items are laid out on tables with jars in front of each. Ticket buyers place their raffle tickets in the jar in front of the prize they’d like to win. Have a variety of prizes to attract the most ticket buyers.
  2. 50-50 raffle. The 50-50 raffle is one of the easiest raffle ideas. No pre-purchasing or donation of prizes is required. All you need are raffle tickets and then split the amount collected with the winner!  50% goes to the winner and 50% goes to your cause.  Pay attention to local and state laws; be sure that this is not considered gambling in your location.
  3. Basket raffle. Who doesn’t love a basket filled with goodies? Create a variety of basket types for people of various ages and interests. Themed baskets, such as a “The Chocoholic Basket” or “The Movie Night Basket,” are a popular raffle idea.
  4. Automobile raffle. If you’re trying to raise a lot of money, then a big ticket item, like an automobile, is one of the most effective raffle ideas. Partner with a local dealership to see if they’ll donate at least a portion of the vehicle to your cause.
  5. Workplace perks raffle. Raise money at your office by raffling off a chance to win a variety of workplace perks. An extra paid vacation day, a premium parking spot for a month, or even a free lunch with the boss are all great raffle ideas everyone in the office will want to win.
  6. Everybody wins raffle. Everyone is guaranteed to win a small prize in this raffle! Get local businesses to donate promotional items, for the lower level prizes.
  7. Gift certificate raffle. Ask local businesses to each donate a gift certificate to your cause. They’ll attract new customers to their store and support a great cause in the process!
  8. Travel raffle. A chance to win a free vacation is one of the most popular raffle ideas. Purchase two round-trip plane tickets and a hotel stay for the lucky winner. Travel dates should be flexible, and you may get the hotel or airline to donate a portion of the cost to your cause!
  9. Services raffle. We all need stuff done around the home or office. Contact local businesses such as handymen, cleaning companies, salons, carpet cleaners and accountants who provide much needed services. They’ll get new clients by helping your cause out.
  10. Mystery box raffle. Add some mystery to your next raffle. All of your raffle prizes are wrapped in boxes. Like a table raffle, ticket buyers choose which mystery box they’d like to win. A list of prizes is available for people to peruse when they buy tickets. Here’s a nice spin on the standard mystery box raffle: Instead of treating this like a raffle, take the mystery box idea and apply it to another fundraising drive as an incentive to raise more money. It goes a little like this: The mystery prizes will be arranged by value. Everyone in your organization will launch an online fundraising page on a site like GoFundMe and, after a month has passed, the winners (the top fundraisers — everyone’s results will be public on their GoFundMe pages) will receive their mystery prizes. The one with the highest fundraising total after a month or so will receive the highest value mystery prize (not necessarily the “best” prize — be creative with the mystery prizes). Be sure to have the winners open their prizes in front of your whole organization, so that everyone can share the fun and  laughs.
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  5. Stacey Jovi says:

    having a car show in january. I am in charge of the baskets but we are a non profit organization and i have no budget. Can you help me? All proceeds go to the children’s diagnostic center

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