The average American worker spends 2,000 hours per year at the office. This makes the office an ideal place to raise money for a favorite charity, while also facilitating team building and enhancing the company’s image. Following are 10 engaging office fundraising ideas the entire company can enjoy.

  1. Day off raffle. Who doesn’t want an extra day off? Make it with pay, and the employees will be lined up to buy tickets. The lucky winner receives an extra vacation day to be used sometime over the next six months. All proceeds go to the non-profit charity of your choice. An interesting spin on this idea involves generating a little department vs. department competition. Use an online fundraising platform like GoFundMe and have each department create a GoFundMe donation page. After two weeks, the department with either the greatest donation total or the greatest average donation wins a day off!
  2. Gift basket silent auction. Each department is given a theme and charged with creating a gift basket. Items can be purchased by the employees in the department and/or find local vendors to donate goods and services. To add a little competition to this office fundraising idea, have a judging panel select the best basket and offer a prize to the winning department.
  3. Dress a member of the management like a clown. Employees can purchase ballots to vote for which member of the management they’d like to see dressed as a clown for the day. The more ballots cast for the manager, the more money raised, and the more likely he or she will be the clown! Similar to our first office fundraising idea on this list, you can spice this idea up even more by either having the department that raises the most money using an online fundraising platform be able to elect who outside of their department has to dress like a clown or by having the head of the department that raises the most money have to dress like a clown (think how funny — and motivating — it could be if your department head had to dress like a clown for a day).
  4. Recycling. This is one of the easiest and most ecologically-friendly fundraisers. Place recycling receptacles in multiple areas around the office, such as the break room, conference rooms, and in cubicle common areas. Turn those empty cans into money your charity can use!
  5. Bake sale. Employees bring in their favorite baked goods, packaged for their co-workers to buy and either snack on during the day or take home and enjoy.
  6. Chili cook-off contest. This is a two-part office fundraising idea. First, employees pay a small fee to enter the cook-off contest, and a chance to win a prize. Second, employees can buy a bowl of chili for lunch, after the judging is over.
  7. Buy-your-boss raffle. Employees purchase raffle tickets and enter to have one of the company’s executives perform their job duties for the afternoon, while they sit back and relax.
  8. Office massages. Contact a local massage therapist and ask if they would donate their time, either for free or a discounted rate, to provide massages to employees at the office. Employees purchase the in-office massages and the profits go to the selected charity.
  9. Office barbeque. A grill, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and individual bags of chips are all that are needed for this lunchtime idea. Pre-sell tickets, so you’ll know exactly how many hamburgers and hot dogs to buy.
  10. Golf tournament. All those entering the tournament get the afternoon off to hit the greens for a good cause! Have employees invite family and friends to raise even more money. Award prizes for the top team, longest drive, and best and worst scores.
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4 Responses to 10 Engaging Office Fundraising Ideas

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  2. […] perks raffle. Raise money at your office by raffling off a chance to win a variety of workplace perks. An extra paid vacation day, a […]

  3. Carol Barker says:

    We sold tickets to “pie” management personnel. The pies were paper plates filled with cool whip. PLease be sure safety goggles are worn for this activity.

  4. Luke says:

    Great idea, Carol!

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