You might not make a ton of money through donation jars, but it’s a passive fundraising method.  Set it up and wait for the money to come in.  Basically, all you have to do is encourage local businesses to allow you to put your organization’s donation jars near their cash registers and empty the jars once every couple of weeks.  That’s it.  The beauty of this is also that your organization receives a great deal of exposure by having your donation jars all around town.  In fact, when you have an event coming up, you can even alter the donation jars so that they include information about the event.  Additionally, you can attach business cards with your organization’s contact information to the donation jars so that interested parties can find out more about your organization.

Also, consider this option, but realize that it might take some research and convincing to figure out how to make it happen.  Where are people always taking change out of their pocket?  Airport security lines.  People take their change out of their pockets and could be faced with a public choice: Do I put my minor change back into my pocket or do I put it into this donation jar?  We think many people will elect to donate.  After all, why do you think the Ronald McDonald House Charities has donation jars right at McDonald’s cash registers?

Would it be possible to get your donation jars integrated into the airport security procedure?  We’re not sure, but it’s probably easier at small airports than large airports.  We really think this is something worth looking into if you just imagine the passive revenue opportunities.  After all, who doesn’t like passive fundraising?

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