Sports teams often have to raise money for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they need new uniforms or new equipment. They may need to raise money for travel expenses to go to a tournament. Whatever the reason your team needs to raise money, here are 10 exciting fundraising ideas for sports teams:

  1. Fast Pitch Fundraiser – This is a great fundraiser for baseball teams. Organize your fundraiser at a time when lots of other teams will be in attendance, such as during a tournament. Set up a radar gun to measure the speed of pitches. Whoever is the fastest in each age group wins a prize donated by local merchants. Charge a participation fee to raise money.
  2. Goal Kick Fundraiser – This is similar to the fast pitch fundraiser but only for soccer teams. Measure the speed (or length) of goal kicks to determine the winners for each age level. Again, a participation fee is the best way to make money with this fundraiser.
  3. Chuck-a-Puck – Number 3 in our carefully culled fundraising ideas for sports teams list is perfect for hockey teams. Sell numbered pucks (ideally foam, for safety reasons) to participants. During the break between periods, let participants throw their pucks on the ice from their seats, trying to come closest to a set target on the ice. The winner is the person whose numbered foam puck comes closest to the target. Like a 50/50 raffle, the winner will take 50% of the proceeds and the charity will take 50% of the proceeds.
  4. Flock of Flamingos – This is a fun fundraising idea for sports teams. Donors purchase your stealthy services to surprise a loved one. In the middle of the night, your team will place a flock of plastic flamingos in a recipient’s front yard with a card saying who they are from. It’s simple but hilarious.
  5. Scramble Golf Tournament – Find a golf course that will let you use their greens and charge an entry fee, which is the fundraiser element of the tournament. Solicit local merchants for prizes for the tournament.
  6. White Elephant Raffle – Make your raffle more exciting with this fundraising idea for sports teams. Place raffle items in sealed bags or boxes, so donors don’t know for sure what is in each bag or box. Offer a list of items, though, to get people excited about what they may win.
  7. Bat Boy/Girl Auction – Partner with your local professional or semi-professional team and raffle off an opportunity to be a bat boy/girl for a game. Tickets for the parents and other team merchandise can complete the winning package.
  8. Pie-Eating Contest – This is a great fundraiser to hold after a tournament. What kids wouldn’t want to see how fast they could eat a pie — with no hands? Offer a sports-themed prize for the winner and prepare to get a little messy. To raise funds, charge a participation fee.
  9. Center Ice Shot – Block off most of the hockey goal and let entrants take a shot at the goal. Start with a larger opening and then make it smaller and smaller. The person who gets the puck in the smallest goal wins the grand prize.
  10. Casino Night – Let the grown-ups have some fun with one of the most exciting fundraising ideas for sports teams. Hire a professional organization to host your event or break out your favorite casino games and host it yourself (assuming it’s legal according to all applicable gambling laws in your area). Winners can use their chips to bid on donated prizes at the end of the night.

Don’t forget, as a sports team, you have access to your team’s mailing list of parents and athletes — and all of them have Facebook friends. Here’s a bonus idea (#11): Leverage that list by setting up a free donation web page like those on GoFundMe and reach out to all of the members on that list to make a small donation online. The best part — and the true value of raising money online — is that your GoFundMe page can be shared with relatives and friends who are far away. Do you think relatives would contribute a few dollars so your son or daughter could have new uniforms? We do. And, just like that, all of the sudden you have a national (or perhaps even international) fundraising campaign.

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