If you’re really serious about fundraising, you might consider throwing a sponsored benefit concert.  It can be a lot of work to plan, but it can pay off — not only in dollars raised, but also in exposure for your cause or group.

If you keep the concert small and local, there’s a good chance you might not have to pay the performer (which would cut into revenues from the donations and ticket sales, of course).  Try asking talented local musicians if they’d like to perform and would be willing to do so for free.  Once you find a few people willing to play, you’re on your way.

You’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared to fundraise in multiple ways.  First, there are ticket sales.  To make sure you sell lots of tickets, you can give each member of your group a certain number of tickets and require that group members find buyers for the tickets they were allocated.  Be sure to remind people that the benefit concert is for a good cause.  Second, you can ask for donations at the event.  Third, you can sell food and beverages at the event.  Fourth, you can get local businesses to sponsor the concert.  Not only could you mention their sponsorship roles to the crowd at the event, but you could also publish their advertisements in the brochure you publish for the concert.

Don’t forget to coordinate with the local police (large crowds often require a police presence), city government (permission might be necessary) and any applicable insurance providers (what if someone gets hurt during the concert?).

Below, you’ll find a video of a small but successful community benefit concert.  Of course, it’s possible to plan a benefit concert much larger than this.

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