This is a remarkably easy fundraiser.

Every Christmas, people buy tons of gifts.  Wrapping them, especially at the last minute, is very difficult.  That’s where members of your organization (or even volunteers) come in.  You can charge to wrap Christmas gifts for members of your community.  They can simply drop the gifts off to be wrapped and your organization can have them ready in a specified amount of time, charging your supporters a fee for each gift wrapped.  But this fundraiser idea can get even better; you can encourage your supporters to order their gifts through the Store.  If you do that, a certain percentage of each order (up to 30%) will go to your cause.  At the same time, you can encourage your supporters to have the gifts they order sent directly to your organization’s headquarters.  That way, your organization can wrap the gift for a fee and have them ready for pick up at your headquarters.

Your organization will raise money in two ways: (1) You’ll charge $3-$5 to wrap each gift and (2) you’ll receive a percentage of each purchase made through the store.

This will work especially well for Christian non-profit organizations, as many members of Christian groups will already be excited about the Christmas season.

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