A charity fashion show requires a good amount of planning, but it can also raise a lot of money.  Much of what follows is geared towards student groups that seek to plan a charity fashion show, but the information contained in this post can easily be adapted to suit other groups.

When organizing a charity fashion show, be sure to think about all of the different groups that can help you make your fashion show a success.  For instance, have your school’s fashion design club design the clothing; have your school’s TV production students film the show; have students from your school’s theater department do the lighting and set design; and get a charismatic student to emcee the show.  As for the models, you can select the models individually, you can ask members of your own group to volunteer, you can ask the members of a sports team to volunteer (in which case your charity fashion show would naturally appeal to a wider-range of social networks) or you can, of course, choose some combination of these options.

How do you make money with a charity fashion show?

  • The number one way to raise money for your cause with a charity fashion show is to sell tickets.  You could have a student ticket price and a parent/adult ticket price.  Also, you can pair the fashion show with a dinner, in which case the cost of attendance could be much higher.
  • You could hold a 50-50 raffle at your charity fashion show.
  • You can sell DVDs of the show to participants and parents of participants.
  • You could combine the charity fashion show with an auction.  This could be either a live auction or a silent auction.
  • If your audience would consider it appropriate, you could combine the fashion show with a charity date auction.
  • You can seek sponsors for your charity fashion show.
  • If you’re looking for a particularly fun way of raising money with a charity fashion show, consider holding a contest ahead of time that determines who will have to model an embarrassing outfit.  Your contest can involve people voting with dollars.  See our post on how to run a kiss a pig fundraiser for a step-by-step guide.

Finally, get creative with the theme of your fashion show.  Many shows will be just fine without a theme, but charity fashion shows for some causes can benefit from the selection of a theme that underscores the cause itself.  For instance, some college environmental groups have held sustainable fashion shows in which the models only wear outfits created using discarded materials.

Below is an overview of a successful charity fashion show orchestrated by college students at UCLA:

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14 Responses to How to Plan an Excellent Charity Fashion Show

  1. Joyce Cox says:

    My organization is planning a fundraiser in Nov. 2013. We usually do a lunch, boutique and fashion show. We need new ideas!!

  2. Valerie Duncan says:

    I am fundraising chairperson for Vivid Visions, our local domestic Violence Center and Shelter. Due to the economical decline donations are few. Very honest here, no one should have to live in violence, but the children cannot make this choice. Hence, My involvement. Small town, Too many charities. I want to learn about any and all fundraising ideas that can also be entertainment. I live in a small rural County in North Florida that has absolutely nothing except for School,School and Rec Sports, and Church for community recreational entertainment. Please share any ideas with me. Thanks Val

  3. Mary Huff says:

    I want to plan a fashion show for
    non-profit organizations, and need
    some help now to plan it.

  4. Luke says:

    Thanks for reaching out, Mary. Do you have any specific questions we can try to answer?

  5. Luke says:

    Hi Valerie,
    There are some great articles on this site for organizations in the situation you described. Use the links on the left to find suggestions and please ask any questions you have!


  6. Luke says:

    Hi Joyce,
    What kind of organization do you represent?

  7. Cheryl M says:

    Hello. Informative article. I have a small business that target moms and babies as I am a board member of a local non profit organization with the same target market. I would love to promote my business and benefit this cause. Does this mean that my business would have to do all the work?


  8. Pamela says:

    Val: Did you ever get your fundraiser done? I too live in a rural north Florida area. Im thinking ofa fashion show in my hometown to raise money to make my tutu business nonprofit. I’m really interested in raising awareness to child molestation, rape, and illiteracy, especially in small towns.

  9. I work for non-profit and our organization is planning to conduct our 1st fundraising event -charity fashion show. Our clienteles are refugees and asylees from various African countries. Any ideas for our possible theme. Thank you.

  10. Linda says:

    I would like to plan a charity fashion show for people who suffers from mental illness. What I need to do to get this organized? I need all the help I can get because I’ve never done anything like this before

  11. Fefe Ang says:

    I’m a member of one of christian church and I want to know how I can to do some fashion show for raised some money to help save our church and to help our people in our country which they just lost their home because the mountain eruption .
    Thank you

    Best ,

  12. Nana Abena Dankwaa Ahenkan says:

    I am head of fundraising for and NGO that takes care of children with cancer in Africa particularly Ghana.I want to do a charity musical concert any ideas on which theme to use.

    Thank u
    Nana Abena

  13. Lashawn Shabazz says:

    Hello I’m trying to plan my first ever fundraiser charity fashion show and I just don’t no where to start..please help

  14. Shamika Williams says:

    Hello I am the founder of a grassroot level non profit in Illinois. The target population is teen girls. The program is a mentoring and youth development program. Any ideas of possible themes for out 1st annual fashion show?

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