While the ubiquitous pink ribbon is perhaps the best-known and most successful symbol of the fight against breast cancer, a number of other breast cancer fundraising ideas can help local and national organizations raise awareness and increase financial support for the search for a cure. Breast cancer claims approximately 40,000 lives each year. By creating innovative and successful breast cancer fundraising ideas for your organization, you can help prevent these deaths and provide much-needed funds for medical research. Here are 10 breast cancer fundraising ideas to consider:

  1. The pink car. Car donations can provide significant funds for breast cancer research. By soliciting donations of pink cars, your organization can raise large sums while also promoting awareness.  Of course, you can accept cars painted other colors, as well.
  2. Pink champagne breakfasts. Strictly for adults, these gala events are among the most elegant breast cancer fundraising ideas. By offering a continental breakfast along with pink champagne and orange juice, your group can easily attract donors for your breast cancer fundraising campaign.
  3. Lingerie sales. Another fundraising event designed with adults in mind, a charity lingerie sale can provide funds for breast cancer research while entertaining and educating the public at the same time.
  4. Pink roses. One of the most innovative breast cancer fundraising ideas is to team up with a local florist and promote their pink roses in return for a donation of a percentage of their sales. This is especially good during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, since your group can typically increase donations while also raising public awareness.
  5. Social networking/online fundraising. By adding a pink ribbon image on your organization’s Facebook page or other social networking presence, you can encourage donations for breast cancer research at no additional cost to your organization. Be sure, of course, to link the image to a site that accepts donations. We suggest setting up a donation web page on a free online fundraising platform like GoFundMe.
  6. Bake sale. Cupcakes, cookies and other pastries decorated with the easily recognizable pink ribbon can be sold for funds to be donated to breast cancer research. These sweet treats can make a big difference in efforts to find a cure.
  7. Newspaper sales. By helping others keep “abreast” of current events, your organization can also attract significant donations for this worthy cause. In some cases, the local newspaper may be willing to dedicate a special edition of the paper to the issue of breast cancer and provide additional information for the community.
  8. Pink ribbon-cutting ceremony. Local construction firms and businesses may be willing to combine a ribbon-cutting ceremony with a fundraising opportunity for your group by substituting a pink ribbon in place of the white ribbon traditionally used in these events. This can provide valuable opportunities for attracting new donors for breast cancer research.
  9. Festivals and expos. By presenting an informational booth or kiosk at local events, your group can often find new donors and achieve increased financial donations for breast cancer research.
  10. Bikini car washes. While these events are not for every fundraising group, they can provide a fun way to collect donations and increase public awareness of the need for funding for this worthy cause. Volunteers can wear pink bikinis or swimsuits to reinforce the breast cancer theme of the event.
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10 Responses to The Top 10 Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

  1. Brett Steele says:

    I am curious about hosting a “pink champagne breakfast” what are some good ways to occupy time while at the breakfast? A speaker perhaps? what other options would you suggest?

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the great question, Brett. A speaker is a great idea. Perhaps a short film produced by a member of your group would also be well-received.

  3. Michael says:

    I want to organise a charity fashion show but lack ideas on how to plan the event and how to raise fund for breast cancer. How do l construct a great proposal to empower the people that highly effected. I also needs video tapes of people who are affected with the breast cancer.

  4. Luke says:

    Hi Michael,
    Great question! Perhaps this post will help: http://www.fundraiser-ideas.net/charity-fashion-show/

    Please update us on your progress!

  5. Jaime preston says:

    I am hosting a spa party which will raise monies for a local hospital for breast cancer patients. I need a name for the event..any ideas. It will be pink themed of course! Thanks

  6. Luke says:

    What do other readers think? Can anyone help Jaime? (Comment here with your ideas)

  7. shelly gruber says:

    Hi I own a tavern and every year we do a fund raiser for breast cancer the 1st weekend of deer hunting. The people that usually do it are not, so I’m taking over. so far I’m having a fortune teller, toy party music. wondering if you have any ideas….Thanks

  8. Amanda says:

    hey there im with a new breast cancer awareness group called Pink Crusaders and im trying to start a fundraiser to help raise money for breast cancer and i dont know where to start. i would like for my friends and i to sell items and get out there and try to get to know our neighbors and reach out to them and try to get them to donate and be a part of what we are doing. thank you and if anyone has any helpful ideas please let me know. thank you so much.

  9. kelly Colwell says:

    I’m trying to raise money to walk in this years Susan G Komen race for a cure 60 mile walk. I cant seen to get any donations. How can I reach my goal!

  10. Deborah Young says:

    I want to organize a charity fashion show but I lack ideas on how to plan the event and how to raise funds for breast cancer.
    How do I construct a great proposal to empower people which are highly effected.
    I also need video, paperwork and handouts of people affected with breast cancer.
    Also, do you have a set up form for donations.

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