Opening your heart to a child who needs a family to love him or her is a blessing for both you and the child. However, many adoptive-parents-to-be struggle with affording the costs associated with the adoption process. Following are 10 excellent adoption fundraising ideas that can help you bring that new family member home.

  1. Host a themed dinner event. Plan a evening of themed fun, in this first of our series of adoption fundraising ideas. Contact your church or local social clubs to see if they will donate the space and sell tickets to family, friends and neighbors.
  2. Golf tournament. Gather your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers together for a round of golf. Award small prizes for the top team, longest drive, and more.
  3. Garage sale. Make room for your new family member while raising money as well. Search your basement, attic, garage, and closets for things you really don’t need. Make sure to let people know the funds you raise are going to your adoption costs.
  4. Bake sale. This is the tastiest of all of our adoption fundraising ideas! Host a bake sale at your church, a local business or your garage sale. Or, ask your employer if you can make it a weekly event at the office – Muffin Mondays!
  5. Personal appeal. Send out an announcement to your family and friends and let them know you’re adopting a new family member. Detail the costs involved in the adoption process, and ask them to consider donating as a welcome gift to the new addition. In our opinion, the old way of making a personal appeal — snail mail — is ineffective. Try, instead, using a free online fundraising website like GoFundMe that allows you to easily ask your Facebook friends and email contacts to donate. You’ll be able to reach a lot more people with less effort and lower expenses (no stamps, envelopes, etc.).
  6. Have a home sales party. Contact a local home sales consultant, such as Colonial Candle or Pampered Chef, and ask them to donate their profits from your party to your adoption efforts. In exchange, they’ll receive new party leads and customers from your family and friends.
  7. Host an auction. Gather up the more valuable items you have in your possession and ask local businesses to donate their goods and services. Couple this with your themed dinner event to maximize your fundraising results.
  8. Host a benefit concert. Contact a local band and ask if they’d do a benefit concert to help you raise money for your adoption. Couple this with your auction and ask the local bar to donate a percentage of the sales for that night from people who bring in flyers.
  9. Car wash. High school sports teams do it – why not you? Ask a business with high traffic if you can use their parking lot. You can even combine your bake sale for more fundraising fun!
  10. Sell, sell, sell. Our final item on our list of adoption fundraising ideas is based on traditional fundraising sales. Search online and you’ll find numerous fundraising companies with a variety of products you can sell, to help you make money to fund your adoption.
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