“Oh no, here she comes with another solicitation for money for a fundraiser.”

Do you often feel as though your friends and family think that when you approach them? If so, you are not alone.

I always felt like my friends and family felt obligated to give me money when I was doing a fundraiser. I hated to make them feel that way. I would have rather them be excited to see me coming because of the great products I had for them, or the opportunity for them to support a good cause.

In the beginning of my fundraising days though, it just didn’t work out that way. It made me want to bow my head in shame whenever I wanted to ask them for a donation. That is, until I started asking them in creative ways.

Creative Way #1: Replace a Gift with a Donation

Instead of your friends and family members giving you a gift for your birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, ask them to make a donation in lieu of one. That way, they don’t feel they are out of money, and you feel relieved because they are happy to contribute.

Creative Way #2: Host a Game Night Party

Invite your family and friends to your home for games, food, and drinks. Ask them to donate to your fundraiser, instead of bringing something to the party.

Creative Way #3: Provide a Service

Does your neighbor need someone to watch her pets? Does your sister need a babysitter for a date night with her husband? If so, ask them if they would be willing to give you a donation if you provide them with one of these services.

Creative Way #4: Sacrifice for a Donation

Tell your family and friends you will do something radical if you raise a certain amount of money. For example, dye your hair, cut your very long hair, or wax your chest, if you are a man.

Creative Way #5: Give Something in Exchange for the Contribution

People love recognition for their good deeds. Ask the local newspaper if they can donate a small section to list the names of donors to your cause. Your friends and family will be more apt to donate if they know others in the community will know about it.

Creative Way #6: Save the Change

Change isn’t much, but it can add up to a lot. Ask loved ones to save their change throughout the year, and then contribute it to your cause.

Creative Way #7: Ask for Their Input

People will most likely contribute to something they are a part of, so ask them for their input in your fundraiser. When deciding what to sell, or how to raise money, ask for suggestions from your friends and family. Ask for many ideas, so you can incorporate at least something they mentioned. This way, they will feel special, and want to donate.

Creative Way #8: Make Something to Sell

If you don’t have a product you are selling as part of your fundraiser, make something to sell. You can get crafty by making jewelry for your loved ones. Special dishes everyone loves can also spark the desire to contribute.

Creative Way #9: Seek a Donation Gift and Sell Raffle Tickets

Many businesses will donate a service or product to a good cause. Contact local businesses to ask if they are interested in contributing. This way, you can use it as a prize, and sell tickets to raffle it off at the end of the fundraiser.

Creative Way #10: Make It a Contest

If your friends and family members love competition, this is a great one. Hold a contest to see who will donate the most. You don’t have to disclose the amounts everyone contributed, just record them, so you know who wins at the end.

It’s Time to Have Fun Fundraising

Now that you have ten ways to ask for money from your friends and family, go have fun with them. They will love what you have in store for them, and they may just not even notice your main objective is to raise money for your organization.

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